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Rules and regulations

Regulations of La Medocaine VTT – May 25th, 2024 – 24th Edition

La Medocaine VTT is a mountain bike route, on courses from 25 to 77 kms, open to men and women, licensed or not, born before:

2011.01.01. for the Yellow and Blue Tour

2009.01.01. for Purple, Orange and Green Tour

2007.01.01. for Brown and Red Tour

Minors, licensed or not by a sports federation, must be accompanied either by a parent or legal guardian, or by a qualified supervisor.

PREAMBLE: Competitor’s Charter
The circuits accessible as part of La Médocaine VTT pass through private property and cannot be practiced without the prior authorization of their owners.
The AVTV, Association Vélo All Vignes, organizer of La Médocaine VTT, has obtained this authorization from each owner within the framework of La Médocaine VTT 2024.
Competitors undertake to respect this precarious right of passage.


Only on the website heading “Registration”.

Registration fees: 52 € TTC

Registration includes:

– A welcome gift

– registration fees

– security and medical assistance

– The refreshments and entertainment at start / finish and the course

  • The toilets, showers and bike washing stations to ‘arrival
  • individual awards, prizes for the best dressed individuals and groups.

Residents outside France can register via the Travel Agency Tutti Quanti by purchasing a “hosting bib” pack (for information please send an e-mail to : or individually on website, for a payment method by international credit card.

Only will be considered the first applications for 6500 entry corresponding to the availability of quota set by the organization.


Accepting payment by credit card on our secure page validates your order and reserve all services. You will receive a confirmation email including:

– the connection URL to the registration website

– your login

– your password

These elements will help you at any time to track your order

If you ordered for many people, you’ll have 10 days to complete your form and the forms for each of the participants. After this deadline, the organization will redeem automatically bibs which participants sheets have not been completed.

You will be refunded within a maximum period of 3 weeks, the amount of the redeemed bibs, net of participation for € 5 per bib management fees.

Cancelling your participation

In case of cancellation by you, the refund will be possible until March 31st 2023 and ONLY on presentation of a medical certificate justification.

Reimbursement will be made within a maximum period of 3 weeks, the amount of the canceled bibs, net of participation for € 5 per bib management fees.

WATCH OUT! From April 1st, 2024, no refund will be made for any reason whatsoever. In case of postponement of the date of the hike on our part due to the current pandemic, your registrations will be automatically postponed to the new date. We will quickly specify the repayment terms for those who wish.

Picking up your bib numbers’ plates

At the “Salle PANCHON» in Arsac (33) according to program (please see the site).


Any person who has not filled in the conditions above will be considered non-participant. As a result, it can not claim insurance cover from the organizer. On the other hand, it will not be recognized and supported by the relief organization, its setting time will not be taken into account, it will not have access to supplies and it will not have the gifts given to arrival by the organization.



This event is covered by the organizers for any participant (licensed or not) by a public liability insurance policy and Casualty for practicing Activity Cycling Temporary – MAIF Assurances company.

Each participant must ensure personally for the damage caused or risks and be able to justify a civil liability insurance guaranteeing any accident to a third party or himself


Any competitor out of time, (whose times are displayed at different refueling stations) will no longer be covered by the liability of the organizer. The organization takes no responsibility for damage to equipment or personal equipment during the tour. The organization accepts no liability for any accident, fall, loss, theft, etc.



Detailed maps of the routes will be shown in bibs and in the starting site in the Sports Plain of Arsac.

The use of course “La Medocaine VTT” is exclusive for the event due to the crossing of private properties and can not be reused outside of the event.


Any participant not pointed at the presentation of the plates can’t be taken into account by the official setting time.


Environmental of traffic laws on road portions, respect for the organizers decisions. Any waiver must be reported to the organization for security reasons. The organization does not ensure the repatriation of people and bikes if abandoned for whatever reason.

Medical Service is Provided by the organization at start-finish, and in the course depending on medical posts.

Mechanical assistance (Optional)

At the starting line and From fixed points.

Food supplies

On each tour, about one every 15 kms. Each competitor will have a vintage bracelet, the color of its tour, which will give him access to the paddocks of the tee, with pit stops of its circuit and the finish line.

This bracelet will be placed on the wrist.

Wine Tastings

Competitors are reminded that any wine tastings present on each circuit are at the discretion of Castles and crossed Properties. Bracelet refueling will also give access to these tastings.

Sanitary and washing units

Municipal stadium facilities of Arsac are made available to participants at the end of the hike.

Bike Wash station

Available to participants on arrival.


Please respect places and the environment came across. Respect for parks and walkways castles. Ban through the rows of vines. Compliance with the Charter of the biker.


The organization reserves the right to use the photographs and videos taken during the test in order to promote the Medocaine VTT and sporting events that revolve around.


* Helmets are required

* The organization points out that alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, and invites you to moderate, reasoned and reasonable consumption of nectars offered for tasting by Castles.

* Respect the imperative Highway Code and road signs in place by the Organization as well as the prefectural and municipal ordinances crossings localities and posted on signs on the Arsac tee and the Code of environment.

* Compliance with safety instructions given by the speaker from each wave and orders given by the marshals of the organization on all routes.

The organization accepts no liability for non-compliance with these minimum guidelines.

Registration for this event implies de facto, of the participants, the unconditional acceptance of this Regulation.
We sincerely wish to limit as much as possible the impact of the hike on the Médoc nature. Let us remain vigilant not to throw anything on the routes or the village, apart from the waste collection points, and respect the proposed sorting