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What is my race number?

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If you registered by internet, and if you have entered your email address in your participant profile, you will receive in early May a summary email with your bib number and possibly ordered services (mountain bike rental, Saturday night dinner).
If you did not enter your email address in your profile entrant is the person who paid for you to receive the email with your bib number. In any case, to remove your number, it is necessary to print the summary email and present it at the entrance to the dining Fanny Arsac volunteers who will welcome you.

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If you registered the team of one of our partners, present yourself at the counter « HOME PARTNERS ». We will give you your number if your file is complete, namely, providing medical certificate.


Where and when to remove my number?
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If you registered by internet, Fanny dining Arsac:
Friday, June 1st from 3.00 pm to 7:00 pm
Saturday, June 2nd from 7:00 am

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If you registered the team of one of our partners at the counter « HOME PARTNERS »


What time is departure?
Hourly gathering and precise departure will be communicated by email along with your bib number.

As a guide, here are the schedules for each circuit:
Circuit RED: gathering at 7:45, 8:00 departure
Circuit BROWN: 3 waves starting at 8:10, 8:20 ET 8:30. The rally 15min before departure.
Circuit GREEN: 4 Check waves at 8:40, 8:50, 9:00 ET 9:10. The rally 15min before departure.
Circuit ORANGE: 3 waves starting at 9:20, 9:30 ET 9:40. The rally 15min before departure.
Circuit PURPLE: 3 waves starting at 9:50 am, 10:00 ET 10:10. The rally 15min before departure.
BLUE circuit: 3 waves starting at 10:20, 10:30 ET 10:40. The rally 15min before departure.
Yellow Circuit: rally at 10:35, departure 10:50


Do I have to bring my picnic?
If you are a big eater, yes! Similarly, the picnic is a great way to take your time and share a moment of conviviality.
By cons, salty and sweet refreshments are provided on each circuit; not enough for a blowout, but enough to not starve!


Would I camp?
The town of Arsac exceptionally allows participants to pitch the tent near the village of Médocaine ATV. BUT BEWARE, the field is not a campground. You will find showers and sanitation at the stage of Arsac less than a kilometer walk. With any luck, you will have hot water!


Is that another person can remove my number for me?
Yes, provided they are fitted (e) the summary mail with the bib number and the person’s identity document for which you remove the bib.


How do I prepare the Médocaine?
Ask about the weather. On a nice plan sunscreen and if the weather is rainy bring warm clothing and spare. In any case, take your good mood!


Is the helmet obligatory?
Yes it is mandatory for your safety. A fall is soon here because you will not be driving on flat terrain. The best thing is to protect yourself by buying (or making you pay) headphones, for example with our partners Go Sport rue Sainte Catherine in Bordeaux or at Chullanka in Merignac. You can also buy one online.


Do I participate with a city bike?
Frankly, it is better to have a mountain bike to tackle the course. Some take a VTC but if the weather is Médocaine before rain, you too much hassle!


Do I rent a bike?
You can rent a mountain bike for 28,5 a day. Connect to your account and select « new order ». You’ll receive a mail from our head office with a link to pay.